Glock 42 P-Chip Holster / Made in the USA

Glock 42 P-Chip Holster / Made in the USA
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Product Description

The P-CHIP is made from one piece of KYDEX and kept as small as possible. It goes inside your waistband and a clip on the side catches on the bottom of your belt. It does not use spring tension to hold it on so yes you DO need a belt. It goes on and off in about a second or two. Being a light duty holster it is made for medium to small sized guns (the 380's just disappear and the 9's are quite comfy). The smaller guns get thinner KYDEX and the medium sized guns go up one thickness. Also as the guns get bigger, the bottom is left open. This keeps the profile as small and comfortable as possible. Since this is inside your waistband there should not be a problem of getting branches or dirt in it, unless of course you have a tendency to take off your pants and run thru the woods (in which case this might not be the right holster for you)...see the Modular!

------ FREE UPGRADE------

I have taken the three most commonly requested upgrades and put them in one package: 1) a sweat shield that protects the gun from sweat and also protects the user from sharp edges on the gun 2) the KYDEX is .020" thicker which makes the clip feel much stronger while not changing the light feel of the holster 3) I have added heavy duty solid brass rivets for durability and looks. You can enlarge the photos below for a better look at the upgrades.

------ APPENDIX-------- this is for carry in the very front,thin people seem to like this.The clip is made straight up and down and the gun sits lower in your pants ,also all extra is trimmed off the sides and bottom to intrude as little as possible in the private areas---

----SMALL OF THE BACK -------this is angled for draw from the back which is opposite to a holster worn on the side.these sit lower also.NOW!THE TRICKY PART...the sides get reversed for small of the back , so when you order pick the hand you draw with and I will make the proper opposite holster DO NOT over think it and try to order the opposite hand or I will send the wrong one ( ex ; if you are right handed and order a right handed one the grip will come leaning to the right and positing to the right so that your right hand will slide in behind the gun when you grip it

--------TUCKABLE --------- these are a standard P-chip , but the clip is attached at the bottom so that you can tuck your shirt between the holster and clip. The visible part of the clip is cut square and has a hole in the center so it just looks like a holder for something that is not there right now--